Title: General English Course - Language Connected
Date Available: 11 Apr 2018 ~ 11 Apr 2019
Venue: 47 High Street,Bristol BS1 2AZ
Opening Time:
Description: Language Connected is located in Bristol City Centre. We are here to improve your English inside the classroom and out.

Many of our students are working, looking for a job, or studying at a higher education institute. It is very important for us to be supportive of every student as we understand coming to a new country and learning a new language can be very challenging!

Our wonderful and experienced teachers are all qualified native English speakers. We want to get you using English correctly and confidently as soon as possible!

What is General English?

General English is our most popular course! The objective is to increase your level of English so you can communicate confidently in everyday situations.

In the lessons we focus on the four main skills: Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening. While practising these four skills, we work on improving your grammar and increasing your vocabulary.

Our experienced teachers use a combination of course book material and authentic materials such as news articles, flyers, videos, and other online resources.

When can I begin?

You can begin any Monday! Each week, our teachers focus on a new topic with new objectives.

How many students are in each class?

We accept a maximum of 10 students per class. (Age minimum: 18)

How long will it take me to improve my English?

Every student is different and has their own unique way of learning! Your progress depends on the intensity of your course, the amount of study you do in your free time, and the people you communicate with every day.
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