Title: Lamda: Professional Drama Qualifications
Date Available: 17 May 2017 ~ 16 May 2018
Venue: Bristol School of Performing Arts White Hart Lodge, Brislington Hill, Bristol BS4 5BD
Opening Time:
Description: White Hart Lodge is recognised by LAMDA as being its major Bristol examination centre. We run two rounds of LAMDA exams per year, one round in the Autumn and one in the Spring.


We offer private tuition in Acting and Verse & Prose (generally tutored on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of each week, with Musical Theatre on Sunday and Monday).

Acting, Verse & Prose (tutored by Lis Durbin & Pillippa Howard):

Musical Theatre (tutored by Liz Palmer):


The cost for each exam varies slightly according to grade, with charges being assessed purely on tutorial cost plus exam entrance fee. Please note that the School views this involvement as a valuable addition to the training process, and in consequence only charges for the course of 10 preparatory lessons to cover teaching costs, and the examination fee.


Musical Theatre

LAMDA examinations in Musical Theatre help students to develop their acting and singing skills. Like our Acting exams, they encourage empathy and self-awareness, as learners are required to present believable characters through both acting and song.

Example: examination GRADE 1

Perform a song from memory which tells a story.
Perform an own-choice song from memory.
Answer questions on the story within the first song, the meaning of the second song, what the characters are feeling in both songs and any mood changes within the songs.


LAMDA examinations in Acting use the preparation and performance of dramatic scenes to support the development of self-confidence and communication skills. By portraying other characters, learners can explore a range of different personalities and emotions, which in turn makes them more emotionally aware and empathetic.

Exploring different characters also allows learners to get to the heart of how feelings and emotions dictate behaviour, encouraging them to become more self-aware. As with all LAMDA examinations, the development of a clear speaking voice and good body language are an integral and positive product of the exams.

Example: GRADE 1

Perform a set scene from memory.
Perform an own-choice scene from memory.
Answer questions on the appearance of the character, their situation and how they are feeling in the scene.

Verse & Prose

LAMDA examinations in Speaking Verse and Prose use poetry and prose to develop effective oral communication skills that will prove invaluable throughout life. Performing texts from memory develops strong presentation skills and a good speaking voice. Equally importantly, memorising a number of pieces encourages self-discipline and focus. From Grade 4 and above, where sight-reading is introduced, these exams also help candidates to think on their feet.

Example: GRADE 1

Speak one set verse selection from memory.
Speak one own-choice verse selection from memory.
Answer questions on the mood, content and contrast between selections, the meaning and and content of the selections, and the meanings of individual words.

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