Time of the Month: South West
Event Date: 11 Dec 2019 - 11 Dec 2019
Posted in: Comedy
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The Final Funny Women Time of the Month South West of the year. To celebrate a fantastic year, this month we are doing a LIP SYNCH BATTLE!

Be the rock,rap,pop,grime,kpop star you’ve always wanted to be, without needing to reach the high notes, or be the right gender or anything.

Want to perform?

Choose a track, email southwest@funnywomen.com, tell me your name and if you’re doing it solo or with someone else, or a group.

Ooh - ooh - can I dress up? Yes
Oh god, do I have to dress up? No. Absolutely no.

Turn up any time from 6pm for last minute costume preps,rehearsals,tips,warm ups.

Just want to watch? Come for 8pm.

Email southwest@funnywomen.com to book a performance spot or sign up during Playtime.
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Come along and give comedy a go!
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Address: Alchemy 198, 198 Gloucester Road, City of Bristol, England, United Kingdom BS7 8NU