Al Swainger Quartet at Jazz at Future Inn
Event Date: 15 Nov 2018 - 15 Nov 2018
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8:30pm to 11pm
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Biophosmos : the Music of Chick Corea

Mix Chick Corea with Radiohead in a blender then use the resulting cocktail to write film music and you might get something a little like this...

“..the birth of a new layer of fusion... live sound design and live soundscape composition...beautifully and artfully intermixed with straight ahead jazz and improvisational mastery”

The Al Swainger Quartet is a four piece jazz ensemble featuring extensive use of modern technology to take the artform in a unique and daring new direction. Appropriately enough for a first outing as a group the repertoire is currently based on the compositions of Chick Corea but reimagined for a new 21st century audience.

There’s a lot of variety amongst the material and it’s generally quite ‘up’, strongly melodic stuff. A mix of latin, fusion and ambience that we’re confident will go down well with a younger crowd perhaps less familiar with ‘jazz’, as well as providing an alternative to the predominance of swing based acts, whilst still delivering high-quality improvisation to appeal to the more devoted jazz fan.

The Quartet :

Al Swainger – Bass / FX / Ableton

Tom Berge – Keyboards

Joe Northwood – Tenor Sax

Jon Clark – Drums

“An outstanding gig, with worldclass musicians... a fresh and live-experimental take on otherwise well-covered work from Chick.”

“Fantastic. Until last night, I was more familiar with the name Chick Corea than his music and so did not know what to expect. If I’d had any expectations they would have been surpassed by the surefooted and exciting performance of this quartet.”

“A really enjoyable performance from four incredible musicians. The quartet faithfully recreated Chick’s music, yet kept the feel fresh and original through their interpretation. As a musician in the audience I was educated, humbled and delighted - all simultaneously.”

“Go and buy their album Biophosmos immediately!!! Such a joy to listen to!! More please!!!”

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Address: Future Inns, Bond Street, Bristol BS1 3EN