Event Date: 18 May 2018 - 19 May 2018
Posted in: Comedy | Theatre
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This wonderful physical comedy is brimming with silliness, songs, stomping and dancing, fishing, hunting, slapping, rowing, freedom, brotherhood and the spirit of Scotland.

Three ’Scots’ go forth into the ancient lands of Scotland, overcoming dangers, in search of the ancient spirit of Highlands. We want to bring the love we have of Scottish culture to the audience and leave them full of spirit, joy and laughter after each show.

The Latebloomers - An Australian, an Englishman and a Swede met at a theatre school in Paris and the rest is history! They shared a passion for curing the world of it’s ailments by the means of laughter and joy.

“The new Monty Python” – Audience feedback from The Rosemary Branch Theatre, March 2018.

“Such a ridiculously good act! Very very very good!” – Audience feedback The Room Above, Bristol 2017.

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Address: 18 - 20 Alma Vale Road BS82HY