Acoustic Thursdays: Alex Roberts - The Litton
Event Date: 26 Apr 2018 - 26 Apr 2018
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To say that Alex has many strings to his bow would be a metaphor forgiven for the fact that it helps to conjure his presence as a musical magician, in which any number of guitars seamlessly pop into set, beautifully played and adored. Almost totemistic, each wood and strings take their part, whether it’s the ?nger-style acoustic guitar, lap-steel playing, or the Greek Bouzouki, Alex plays with a sincerity borne of years of graft, craft, and a man who seems to straddle multiple time boundaries.

His lyrics offer a fusion of cultural and intercultural pertinence, generated by an acute appreciation for our earth and its ancestry, and a raw gift for storytelling. His musical oeuvre is enriched by his travels and immersive living experiences both in the UK and beyond, from backpacking around India and Europe, to playing at Surf festivals in Barbados, to tepee dwelling in the English rural countryside. The result is an oasis of mini ‘odysseys’ in which each song feels like it has been specially harvested for our appreciation. Through years of musical study together with an inimitable, intuitive flair for rhythm and the written word, Alex not only turns life into music, but enables us to see that music provides life with its heartbeat. He urges us to listen.

Live music from 8pm & FREE ENTRY

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Tel: 01761 241 554
Address: The Litton The Litton, Litton, Near Wells, Litton, Somerset BA3 4PW