The Troll Hunters Contemporary Folk Live Music - Seamus O’Donnell’s
Event Date: 10 May 2018 - 10 May 2018
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High energy, contemporary (i.e. fun) folk band - "Making folkies hate folk!"

If you’re after a night of dancing and fun - look no further!

If you’re wondering about the name - it’s for exactly the reason you’re thinking: We hunt trolls! We do this by playing music it’s almost impossible not to dance to as a way to entice them into the open. Once out of their holes we can keep them dancing ’til dawn!

Fortunately the trolls in the UK are fairly tame in size and demeanour, and we often let them enjoy themselves. When playing in Norway it’s a whole different story and we require an extra member wielding an axe to run interference!
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Address: Seamus O Donnells 13 Saint Nicholas Street (Next to Saint Nicholas Market) Bristol BS1 1UE